Aug 17, 2007

i'm new pretty obvious from my postcount...

SO much information!!! i've read for hours for days! this site seems so cool! though it has ruind my plans for my new tank!

How do i subscribe to a thread so i get an email i somone postes?

To subscribe to a thread, click on the "Thread Tools" menu, which is directly above your post (and at the top of each thread).
:welcome: And I would not say ruined...just steered you in the right direction if you indeed eventually want to experience an octopus in your home!
:welcome: So great to see you're enjoying the wealth of information on this site! I'm always excited to hear about someone delving into the articles....:heee:
hi and thanks... this site is nothing less then awsome! after reading the first 6 or 7 articles it's pretty obviours to me that before doing anything, it's a must to read more or less all of them... it's a good break from the pilot stuff for me to read an article, last time i used them as bedtime storys i dreamt i was running around frantic on a beach trying to save millions of cuttlefish that had washed up on the shore and where in need of help, kinda wired..

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