Hi there!


Aug 2, 2004
What an absolutely fascinating read this site is. I have a long standing interest in this subject.

I wish I could afford a tank! Maybe then I would be tempted to try and keep an octopus.

How hard would it be to keep a blue ring and where would you get one? I know they are deadly and I know they don't live very long, but what a fantastic animal!

I would enjoy some insight into the above if someone could share.


:welcome: to TONMO!

Blue rings are suposedly hard to take care of and are dull in captivity, and only show their rings if eating or mad, so leave 'em in the ocean. Sorry if it sounds like I'm flamin' you. :smile:
Yeah, blue rings don't fare all of that well in a tank...but heck, you can always try!
Welcome aboard, Martin!

I suggest using the Search function (you can also access it via the link at the very top of the page), and use keyword "blue ring" or "BRO" -- you'll find we've had lots of pertinent discussions on the matter!
:welcome: Martin,

I also do not keep octos but have noticed time and again over the last couple of years that the general concensus is to stay away from BRO's. Of course if you wish to keep a pet Architeuthis, we'll all be behind you!

Enjoy the site,

Re: Hi there!

msutton said:
How hard would it be to keep a blue ring and where would you get one? I know they are deadly and I know they don't live very long, but what a fantastic animal!

Ok, this will sound terribly harsh and mean and cruel...but before i get banned or taken out back and shot, i must say that i mean no offense, none whatsoever.
Now that's out of the way (and that some people actually do believe me), here goes. I just don't get the "fantastic" side of BRO, as opposed to a cheeky bimac or other octos well-known for their personalities. Ok, they have blue rings... :roll: the colour and texture shifting on more "regular" octos are equally if not more amazing. They can kill people.. :roll: geeez... it's sooo not hard to kill somebody, try renting a car, you'll get more bang for yr buck for sure...
So BRO is around in the news, check out the AAaaaaamaaazing Blue Ringed Octopus! ... hence people want them as pets??? some kind of fashion trend? baby crocs anyone?

Methinks you'll be waaay happier with a bimac, besides many ppl around here will have the knowledge to help you and the willingness to do so.

Again this could be construde as flame, I assure you, it is not. :biggrin2:


Hello msutton...I'm as new as u to find this group of smarts...However..take heed mate for what they say is quite true..but not so hard to keep only if u r fortunate to live by the warm ocean! Where and when u must refresh the water every other day!
As far as the Beauty and the Beast goes..well take it from someone who IS lucky to be alive , not by the bite , oh no couldn't be that lucky..the water that baby came in!
It really doesn't pay to play with Death! :bluering:

sea ya.. BlueFish
Yo Martin & a TONMOtastic :welcome: to your goodself.
I also have a fascination with cephs & death, so much so that I dabbled & almost came unstuck when my pet fossilized (death reference) Coroniceras (ceph reference) fell off his shelf & hit me on the head.
Even after 200 megayears a ceph is capable of fragging your botterm so stand back, take a deep breath, say a few umms & go for an octopus toothbrush holder instead ! :biggrin2:
shameless promotion, Spartacus... :grad:
Blue rings are fascinating, yes. So are other octos. to each his/her own!

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