Hi there


Jan 19, 2004

new to this forum and to the octopushobby in general.

I've got 10 years of experience in f/w aquariums with the more unusual fish. arowana, f/w stingray, ...

I don't have any "in home" experience with salt water, but untill recently I've worked in a public aquarium. It was there that I fell in love with cephs.they keep an Octopus Vulgaris. I really liked the little guy and I think the feeling was mutual, when I came near the tank he always came out to say hello. hardly ever did that with my collegues.

So now I'm determined to get an octopus of my own. Literature on keeping them seems to be very rare. but while surfing the net for info, I stumbled on this forum. lucky me :jester:
just had a look at your site too :smile: especially like the eartheater (satanoperca mapiritensis) been looking for them :wink:
Do love arowanas...dream of having a pond with a breeding pair someday! Look forward to hearing more from you!
Hi and :welcome: to TONMO.com Dragonfish!!

Arowana rock!!! Though I only have a pathetic jardini now, what aro's do you keep

we'll be glad to help you in setting up an octo tank, you can also read other member's posts to answer some of the questions you might have, for the rest, just shoot :wink:
day dreaming cthulhu77 said:
Do love arowanas...dream of having a pond with a breeding pair someday! Look forward to hearing more from you!

might as well go for a pair of arapaima if you are going that far :smile:
already found tons of info on the forum guys. if I need more, I ll know where to find you :biggrin2:

my arowana is a silver aro. osteoglossum bicirrhosum. I used to keep a black one too (osteoglossum ferreira). I'm planning to keep 3 or 4 aro's but first my big tank has to be ready. the current tank is just to small.

as soon as this big f/w tank is up and running, I'm starting to work on an octo-tank. as you see, I'll be quite busy in the future :smile:

btw, most of my website is still under construction. so feel free to check in on it once in a while to see the changes.
Heck no, we will wait at least a week to embarass you! :oops:
Funny thing, we can't have arapaima's here in AZ...they are listed as a "dangerous species"....yeah, like they pop up so often on wholesale lists anyway... :shock:
A guy in town has a breeding pair of silver arowanas...neat fish...he also breeds all those funky plecos (#147, 153, etc...) Way too much time to spend on fish! (I know, I am just jealous!)
so I'll prep myself for next week then!!!! :biggrin2:

as for arapaima's, they're not a dangerous fish as such. but the buggers grow over 2m in length (7ft for you guys) that's a pretty big fish.

I know a zoo in Germany that keeps 5 of them. they want to redo the tank because it is in the same state as it was in when they got the fish.

their arapaima's are over 30 years old and they're to big to get them out of the tank ( a little under 10ft or nearly 3m!!!) do you really want to keep that? compared to that a 2ft aro is peanuts to keep!!!

but we're getting of the subject, this is after all an octo forum. for those interested in aro's and such I recommend www.arowanaclub.com
Cool link! Thanks! Nope, I (we? keep on forgetting that I am now a married person...yikes) don't have room for arapaima's...I am currently trying to build up a breeding population of ornate bichirs (ornatapinnis) , who eat me out of house and home, and take up most of the available space in the house...
Who needs a wave machine when you have so many tanks????
Who needs a wave machine when you have so many tanks????

with a remark like this, I take it I'm not the only one who can't remember the color of his livingroom walls because they are covered by fishtanks.

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