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hi ,new here a couple of quick questions


Mar 4, 2004
hi everyone, new here but would like to ask a couple of questions..
i have a 90 gallon marine tank (reef setup) but im seriously thinking of purchasing an octupus. what i would like to know is i live in yorkshire near leeds so where is the best place to order one from (a bimac looks the best bet) and how much should i pay for one,the second question is can octos stand high nitrates (50ppm) as i have all the filtration systems in my reef tank (which im going to give my fish to my lfs he cant get me a bimac) any help will be much appreciated thanx .........mark
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

I'm going to let Colin answer about sources for octos in the UK, since he lives in Scotland and is more familiar with acquiring octos there.

Octopuses are very sensitive to copper and to ammonia - these levels should be 0. Nitrites are also bad. They have some tolerance to nitrates, but starting at 50 is not so good, especially as you're likely to get a baby bimac. Could you lower the nitrates?

If you haven't already, please read our articles under Ceph Care. (Click on Ceph Care above). You'll have to modify your reef tank some - very few species can cohabitate with an octopus, anemones sting them, and your octo is liable to rearrange and redecorate your tank at some time.

Nice to have you participate in our Ceph Care forum
not imposible but tricky! :frown:

i recently spoke to the new manager at TMC Manchester and he seemed happy for me to refer people to them and they will put people in touch with shops local to them that sell their stock. NOTE they will not sell to the public but will give you an idea of what shops to go to.

Ask for the fish house manager at 0161 946 1538 or check out the Tropical Marine Centre webpage and email them... www.tmc-ltd.co.uk

They are not perfect at IDing octopuses and they call bimaculoides the 'Californian Octopus' but they mostly sell pygmies from Bali etc... best to avoid them!

hope this helps
Octos can tolerate nitrates but its best not to push it, especially when it just arrives. Ever thought of a cuttle since you are in the UK, though the common cuttle gets to big for a 90g, Sepia elegans only gets to about 9cm Ml.
Good point Joel, but its just trying to get tropical species, that is the same problem here as the US have
It has been recorded from the water to the East of the UK but I think that is more of an oddity as the Medeterranian Sea is more within its range.. not impossible though, and worth the effort to track down and breed!
here we go, are cuttlefish as intelligent as octos? and do they need any special needs for caring for them? how long do they live? thanks for all your replies( starting to get excited about this now) ......mark
Hi Mark...

depends how you define intelligent???? they certainly respond to their keeper and learn to recognise feeding time etc. But they are really not equiped to open jar and doors and stuff like that if that is what you define as being intelligent.

Their special care mainly requires a big tank and good filtration skimming, also keep the water temp below 72 F, also, dont get one unless you can supply the live food for them!

Depends on water temp for longevity. Id say 18 months max if you can keep them in the high 50s to low sixties but 9 months or so at 75!!! so keep it low :smile:
Their needs are quite the same but they don't take to frozen food easily so, like what Colin said, a good supply of live food must be available. The length of the tank is more important than the height, and a efficient protein skimmer as cuttles can squirt out copious amounts of ink.
ok thanks im still leaning to an octo depends how hard it is to get one ill get in touch with that guy from manchester after the weekend see what he says ill let u all know asap, once again thanks for the replies.....mark

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