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Dec 30, 2009
Hello there. First of all I am sorry if I dont put spaces between words (my spacebar is messed up and it is hard to use). This isnt my normal kind of crowd, considering that I am more of a reptile keeper. But, just yesterday I went to the California Academy of Science, admiring the Dwarf cuttlefish exhibit as I always do. I find it amazing how they change their shape and color so quickly. Yesterday I got the pleasure of watching them eat. I loved it. How they shot their tentacles out and grabbed a shrimp (one grabbed 2 at the same time). I was there watching them for more than 1 hour. And then a man,accompanied by a woman, came out and looked at the tank. I told them how much I enjoyed the little squid-like critters. Then the man started talking about their ability to change and how he was the first person in the US to succesfully culture that species. Then he pointed out a cluster of grape like spheres that I asumed was coral, and told me that they were eggs. I later learned that that man was Richard Ross, who I had never heard of until yesterday.I now am captivated by them and would love to get some. I came to this site figuring that I could learn how to care for them. I am looking forword to learning as much as I can from all of you. Thanks!!!
You don't mean THE Richard Ross do you?:sagrin:. I assume you know Rich is a staff member (Thales) but thought I would put in a smart alec remark just in case (as well as a link to the nice coverage he is getting for the program at the academy).

Welcome to your new adventure!
Welcome to TONMO!

I just want to point out that the woman was Crissy Huffard and she was telling you that I was the first to breed them - I just talk about the animals at work! :smile:

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