hi i am a new person

Mar 19, 2005
hi i am realitivily new to this site it found this site through a search on th internet i have 2 saltwater aquariums and one fresh. i have a green morey(a very personable fish) and a few urchins in his tank. my other saltwater tank is a nano aquarium(24gal) and i am just starting to add stuff to it like corals and a few fish and crabs and stuff like that i also have land animals too including 2 dogs,an african grey parrot that i absolutely love. i live in houston texas.
i have a pencil urchin and a unidentified(as in i dont know) gorgeous black urchin with white circles around each spine i think it is a rock burrowing urchin. i am also considering moving my green morey to a much bigger aquarium with a blue spotted stingray or a ray of another kind this summer as he has slightly outgrown his tank maybe he will like the 240 i will be buying for him so he will be even more comfortable
Hi, I just joined today, too, but am having trouble choosing an avatar. I do not see any pics or images to choose from, just the avatar names. I clicked on one and thought I would post a message, just to see if it would show up. At this writing, I have no idea what it actually looks like, though.
Welcome, Beakmaster!

TONMO recently upgraded, but some of the pictures - apparently including avatars - have not followed yet. I'm sure Tony, who manages the entire site, will work this out given enough time.

New to TONMO

I too signed in today. This is one of the most interesting sites I have visited. I want to go to the local pet shop and check out the saltwater aquariums. Then to the dive shop and get geared up to go to the coast. :snorkel: - deepsix
Last fall when I dropped off my son at Cal State University Monterey Bay, Beakmaster and I went fishing at the commercial pier in Monterey. I was sort of fishing for anything that might be lurking around the pier pilings and noticed a small squid approximately a foot long trying to ravage the feathers off my maribu jig! I never did hook the squid but it did clean off most of the feathers.
I read a very interesting article in National Geographic about the giant squid in Mexico about the same time period. The photographer was was somewhat un-nerved at the aggressiveness of the creatures. The last few weeks the giant squid are being caught on rod and reel from fishing boats in the 800 + foot deep canyon at Moss Landing just north of Monterey, 20 to 40 pound size. This is incredible? yes, no or I am squid crazed. That canyon holds many secrets, the M. Bay Aquarium has a good movie explaining some of the research conducted there. There is a research vessle stationed at Moss Landing with those deep diving rovers. What a dream career to be part of that exploration team.
Gotta go - deepsix
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