Hi Ho from Texas

Oct 20, 2005
How nice to find a gathering of fellow fish geeks. I'm in the process of constructing my first octopus tank, I've been keeping reef tanks for years but this will be my first foray into the wonderful world of the cephalopod. The aquarium hobby is my life, litterally. I install and maintain custom aquariums in the DFW area.(if you have kids and you've seen barney the dinosaur, the tank in the bookcase, that's me.)
I look forward to picking all of your brains. I do this for a living and I learn something new every day
:welcome: Barneys' tank? That's interesting! Unfortunately or should I say thank goodness Jess is past the Barney stage, but I may have to check in to see!

Enjoy the site!

Welcome! Great name by the way, I got that riding my busa from deal's gap back to maine.

How is the big purple dino? Pick away, my brain is exceptionally obese! Mostly due to the lack of fitness, and LaBatts!

Feelers said:
Thats cool about the Barney thing. What setup was Barney running?
Nothing fancy, a 20 gallon fresh water community tank built into a bookcase. They just wanted something to look good in the background while the little knuckleheads prance around.

Castor said:
Great name by the way, I got that riding my busa from deal's gap back to maine.
Funny you say that. I got the nickname riding my 748 duc from Dallas to Austin through the Texas hill country.

dbbga said:
Nice to see someone else in the DFW area at this site
Awesome! If you need livestock or equipment and you want to get it locally, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.
I was born on Carswell AFB in Fort Worth (for all you insane folks, it's where the Roswell alien autopsy supposedly took place.) in 1970. Sorseress and my father escaped with me in a homemade balloon when I was about two years old so the accent wouldn't imprint upon me, but unfortunately this came down in Denver, where I lived 'till four.

Anyway, now I put on shows out here in La-La-Land to raise money as well as awareness for bat conservation, and one of the two beneficiaries (Bat World Sanctuary) is based out of Mineral Wells, not too far from Ft. Worth. Good luck on your first ceph!

dont worry we are all crazy just some more than others!!!! hu? what was that? oh ok mr. octopus ill cut off my fingers for you and let you eat them... let me just finish talking to the new guy... what? no you cant have my knee caps!!! i need those you prick!!!

sorry new guy hes trying to dismember my legs anyway... we're not all really crazy just kindof
dbbga said:
so have ya been around anyone with cephs before?????

Nope. Everyone I know is totally into reef keeping. They're all driving me nuts to get my octo tank up and running though. It's insane, I'm building the whole thing from the ground up. Everyone who's seen it wants me to build them one next. I'll post some pics soon, it's mind blowing. And the bonus is it's all acrylic, so if the octo thing doesn't work out, it's great for a mantis shrimp. (another favorite of mine)
And thanx to all ya'll for the welcome. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.....no...wait. That's the Jagermeister.

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