Hi from WI.


Feb 17, 2009
Hello all,
I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks and I really have enjoyed learning about your ceph experiences. I am a novice to the saltwater aquarium. I have a 30 gal that I has just finished cycling and only houses a cuc with LR and LS. I just spotted my first bristle worm yesterday in fact! I don't plan on attempting ceph husbandry in the near future, but I do plan on it. I am not really a "fish" person. I am a "critter" person, if that makes sense? I find the tiny 1/4" bright red and pink bristle worm that I purchased at one of my the LFS in a hermit crab shell (seriously thought it was a hermit when I purchased them) just as interesting as the actual crabs.

This is turning into a long winded post. :old:

Please keep up the great informative journals. I really enjoy reading them.

P.S. I will now return to silently lurking.
Thanks! Did you know you can keep an oyster alive forever in a semi-cool tank? I purchased one to help cycle the tank shortly after I got the tank (I also purchased a half-dozen mussels, best 1.78 I ever spent.) Did not know at the time that I could do this without killing something or being forced to purchase a damsel fish.:banghead:
You should (AFTER you are fully cycled) look into keeping a shrimp. My favorite is the banded coral kind (others like the popping a lot but avoid the beautiful fire shrimp until you have a lot more experience). If you want to keep two of the bandids YOU MUST BUY THEM AS A MATED pair. They come in both orange and yellow and will keep your critter watching fun.
Welcome to Tonmo ! If you are going to keep corals, you may want to look into getting rid of that pesky bristleworm, though.
I was under the impression the little buggers are in nearly every sw system. I got a new one with my macro algae the other day. Bigger, uglier, and dead white. I put him in my sump. Are they really a threat to healthy corals?
Thanks for the welcome,
Hello from another TONMO newbie

Hello all! I just signed up as a member. I have actually been reading the posts and articles for over six months. In reply to the question about bristle worms- yes they are bad. There are small segmented worms that are not detrimental, but bristle worms big enough to be interesting to watch, are probably big enough to 1. do damage, and 2. to reproduce!

I have been keeping reef tanks for nine years. I have not set up a SW tank since moving into my 'new' house, and am quite ready to. I have a 55g set aside for a bimac. (Hopefully). Speaking of bimacs, does anyone have any offspring getting ready to hatch (and sell)?

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