Hi from bob the kracken

Mar 30, 2007
Hello. I just joined up a few days ago and thought that i would introduce myself officially. I've been posting pretty heavily which is why you can find my threads side by side, unless your in the sience forums. I also havn't posted in the cthulu forum. that place scares me.

I'm trying to decide between a bimac or two or three dwarf cuttles. any help on this subject would be appreciated
:welcome: from down under..............don't be scared to contribute in any of the forums! The science ones in particular (& ceph care of course) that's how we learn. I admit I've not posted in the Cthulhu forum. I have to confess a TERRIBLE secret.................I've never read Lovecraft :oops: One day when I have some spare time (:lol: what's that?????) I will.

ive never read lovecraft either, but ive looked up story summaries on wikipedia, and frankly it strikes me as kind of strange. in the cotext of its use on this forum, it seems as though some of the users worship it in some sort of a religious and cultish fasion. thats what scares me about the cthulu forum. It's not that I'm intollerant of other's religions. It's jut that the concept of worshiping a being destined to end humanity just seems.... creepy. not that drinking wine and pretending it's blood isn't
Trust me, you do NOT want to go into the Cthulhu forum. It is a wretched, fearsome hive filled with unimaginable sorrow and a stench so foul it would render you unconscious. Stick to The Octopus' Den, it's much safer there!

:cthulhu: :shock: :mrgreen:
:welcome: :cuttlehi: Bob! You don't have to go to the dark side to appreciate cephalopods. If you want fun though, you might want to consider becoming a supporter, we talk about lots of cool stuff... :biggrin2: If not, then enjoy all the cephy stuff available to everyone.
I can't afford to be a supporter right now. First things first you know. save up for octopus or cuttlefish now, perhapse become supporter later.

completely off topic but goes with the whole cthulu thing. ever notice that zoidbergh from futurama looks uncanilly like cthulu.
:welcome: I don't think you need to walk on eggshells around the :cthulhu: Cthulhu forums. Most Cthulhu cultists are relatively thick-skinned and good-humored, if a tad eccentric.
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