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hi carol

i got crabs

May 19, 2005
hi carol, i was wondering if you wouldnt mind suggesting some bait shops in the shore area that might sell small crabs. im not shore where along the coast you are located but i live less then 1 hr from point pleasent. now that the fall is upon us i was hopeing to stock up as my octo altough when hungry enough will take frozen still seems to prefer live and move'n. again thank you in advance and just stoe names would be fine as i can just map quest em.
Shark River Bait & Tackle by the Belmar Marina is one. Brielle Bait and Tackle. Belmar has quite a few also. If you look in the yellow pages and call around you may find one closer. It's still not too cold to collect your own. Jess and I are going this week. And Gimpy loves the giant frozen prawn from costco.
thank u carol, i think ill give those a try on tuesday. maybe ill try to catch my own too. will have to see. when i was younger i use to be good at runnin down ghost crabs. who knows.

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