Hi all


Blue Ring
Nov 10, 2004
Hi there, we are based in Nottingham UK and are starting to set up tank for octo in (probably far distant) future. We have already found loads of excellent info on the site and look forward to asking lots of questions in the future! :biggrin2:
Hi Naomi & Joe!

Hope you enjoy the site. You've come to the best site on the web for octo care, and I hope you find the information you need here.

Good to see more people from :unionjac: here!


Hi Naomi and Joe,

Welcome to TONMO.com!

We have a number of members in the UK and lots of good octopus information for you on under Ceph Care. You can ask questions on the Ceph Care forum and when you get your octopus, you can post pics and tell us about his progress under Journals and Photos.

Glad you found our site,


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