Hey Guys

Jan 13, 2004
Just joined. :smile:
Been reading a few posts and I have ta say- this is the nicest forum I have been to in a long time. Everyone seems so helpful and kind.

Don't have an octopus but was thinking in a few years or so I may get one. Here's to all the octopi snugglers! :rainbow: :heee:
Re: Hey Guys

killanoctopussaveacrab said:
...Everyone seems so helpful and kind.

Here's to all the octopi snugglers! :rainbow: :heee:

I feel so left out. :frown:


:welcome: to TONMO.com, KAOSAC. Hm, that might not work. How are we going to abbreviate that long, but wonderful, name of yours?

" Gooses! geeses! I want a goose that lays gold eggs for easter, and ten thousand tons of ice cream.."
-Veruca Salt

Welcome to Tonmo!
I seen that you had signed up a few days ago.. was just waiting to see when (if) you'd start posting LOL

Standing up for crabs wont be so easy around these parts! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh wow- thanks guys! lol.
Hmm how indeed- maybe call me KAO lol. Should have picked an easier name I guess. hehe. :mrgreen:

You say Meeses I say Mooses- In the end it's all the same- one big pile of MooPoo. :biggrin2:

Dont feel left out! :biggrin2:

Yeah- I normally get around to posting when I cant sleep and stuff. Sometimes I forget I've joined a forum too,lol. :biggrin2:
Havent you ever heard of Vegan Crab?! :O hehehe. j/k-

Muchos Gracias Guys! -KAO :rainbow:

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