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hey guys , how big is a 2 month old bimac


Aug 21, 2004
i was curious cause i just ordered one for a 240 tank and im afriad its going to be so small i wont be abel to ever see it

how fast do they grow

and how big can they get
Hmmm....2 months maybe quarter sized curled up??? Or maybe more like dime sized??? Lil P came from there and was sooo tiny on delivery, I kept him in a pet home inside the tank for a few weeks with one of those stick on bubble filters to drawn the tanks water in.

Good luck with your new baby! Please keep us posted on arrival and acclimation!!!


ok i will , THough im already a little dissapointed
becasue I was wanting it to be bigger than that

he told me he would pick the biggest one he had out of the 2 month olds for me

im also worried about it arriving not frozen cause its 29 degrees here right now at night and day time its about 35
Is your little bimac being shipped right now? Otherwise, you might let the people at Octopets know that you're having a cold spell. It will probably be OK.

Warm him up slowly with the drip acclimation described elsewhere.


yes its being shipped now
suppossed to be here tommorow morning .

i told him it was cold here and he said that , that wasnt a problem and that he would put a heat pack in there

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