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here's the final set-up, anything else I need?

Feb 25, 2003
Tank is a 37 drilled for (2) 1"drains and (1) 3/4" return
Canopy is escape proof (tank is press fit into it and the door seals it up)
I've got about #45 of rock (not all live)
1-2" sandbed
1 actinic flourencent
1 20watt halogen bulb (i know it's not a good spectrum, but i'm testing it out)
in sump skimmer

critic's please?
I think it looks fine :smile:

Have you started cycling the tank?

Whats the SG?

SG is at 1.023/1.024 right now.
as far as cycling, somtime this week, I'm planning on getting a couple mollies to let it cycle.

do you think I should glue the rocks together?
For a tank that size I'd stick in about a dozen or so. Just let them acclimatise to SW over an hour or two :smile:

Hey all, I posted a pic of my Ceph a few days ago and I wanted to know how I can put it on the left side like you guys have?

If you put the mollies in a container with their freshwater when you first get them and use an airline tube to siphon water from the tank into it you shouod have good results. i even tie a loose knot in the airline tubing so that it is just dripping. That way it may take several hours for the salt water to fill the container. I will then remove water from the container several times (letting the drip continue) until it is the same s.g. as my tank. I have had great success with using mollies to cycle saltwater tanks this way. Patienence is the key. Good Luck!

Update again,

Halogen light burnt out after 3 weeks.
(I still hear my wife laughing at me)
so I replaced it with a NO flourecent.

Went to the LFS, instead of mollies I went with
feeder damsels (boy were they shocked went i said that)

the tank hit the the first cylce in 3 weeks.
now I have 4 damsels, 1 molly, and a starfish

3 more weeks, and I'll be set for the bimac
(I hope)

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