Here's Gimpy!

Glad to hear Thomas is doing so well! I have never been brave enough to let my octos handle me. Jess was bit accidently while feeding Inklet once, but I tend to panic when they get ahold of me. Don't know why. Gimpy went after my son from the top and he seems aggressive when he is coming out of the water after us. Maybe it's just curiosity as you say, and maybe at some point I will brave it out and let him get ahold of me, but I'm afraid he may not let go and I might panic.
Gimpy is really coming out of his shell, sort of speak. He's weriod. When he thinks we're not watching he's out slithering all over the place. And he constantly is swimming from off the side of the tank to the bottom. I put Inks' old green lego in but haven't seen any interaction with it yet. I love the way he freezes when he realizes we have spotted his antics and tries to slither back unnoticed to his shell.
Gimpy & Lego

Tonight, Gimpy was out looking for food. I pushed the green lego close to him and he grabbed it. For about 5 minutes he floated around on it by the top of the tank, making the lego spin! This is the first octo since Ink that has showed interest in the lego!
Way cool...miss those shots of Ink ! Glad that Gimpy has the same playful attitude...

Likes to play with Lego bricks... hmm, sure sign of a budding creative mind there! Let us know when Gimpy starts assembling them! :wink:
nice to see another healthy active octo Carol :smile:
what else is new in the 'zoo' these days :smile:
Check supporters for an update on my zoo!!!

Gimp is doing very well. Has been out hunting daily, in fact Jess and I need to go collecting crabs again. He's very active. Does alot of swimming. He still perches on top of my cleaning magnet and jets to the bottom of the tank. Does the conehead quite a bit with the black/white coloring and still tries to pretend he is a snail. It's almost like he's pretending I am a threat cause at times as when he's plastered to the front, he follows my face or fingers all over the place and other times, if I spot him he freezes and tries to look like this blob slinking away. Very curious about what's above the waterline as he's always extending his arms out of the water. I keep my level about 2" from the top to discourage too much exploration, plus lots of duck tape. I'm still not 100 percent certain he's a bimac as sometimes his arms look really long.

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