Here's Gimpy!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I am very pleased to annouce I have an octo in my household again! Jess and I ran out to Pa, and found a Bimac instead of what they had said, vulgaris. A very curious but then really pissed off bimac when they attempted to put him in the bag. Acclimation went very smoothly, I dripped for an hour. Everytime I peaked in the bag he went back under a fold. Upon entry into his new home, at first he tried very hard to look like a rock, but then ran for the cave. 10 minutes later he was sitting on an orange piece of coral munching on a crab he found. As of now he's exploring his home. He is missing a leg and there's a tiny one growing in. I'm very happy to have an octo again!!! :biggrin2:
Curled up the size of dollar or golf ball. I'm wondering....There's something vaguely familiar about his eyespot. Reminds me of Rummler who was a dwarf. Last night he was pacing the front of the tank on the pane where he could see me. As of this morning he's holed up in a large shell with smallers ones pulled in. But I see he must have woken as now he's hanging out of the shell, trying to lsee what I'm doing. I've starting tapping the glass. This shot is a little blurred but you can see the stump.
Just got home from work and Gimpy has now positioned himself to watch the rooms. Very nosey!!! Looks like he's trying to be blue like the coral!
Welcome Gimpy!!

I'd say he's doing a pretty good job at the camouflage-work. He's looking great and it sounds like it too! All the best with him/her Carol :smile:
This tank is about 10 years or more old. Hermin, Ink, Inklet have all lived pretty long lives in this. Very cultured, although I think Elmer, my birdwrasse,(who now is in G2's old tank) ate all the bristle worms. As I was trying to get a clear shot, I realized Gimp was sitting in the entrance of the cave. He turned into his spikey rock look and slithered back to his shell. Just realized he's out again!!!! Very curious little guy for being wild caught! :mrgreen:

Gimpy is to the lower right by the big shell. Looks like a little brown blob off something!

He has this behavior he does when you approach and he's out exploring where his mantle becomes pointed and he twitches...weriodest thing I've ever seen.
Hi Jean!

What kind is Titch? I think I have another dwarf like Rummler was. Unfortunate, as he's probably an adult, but loving having an octo again for however long!!!
HI Carol,

Titch is a Midget Octopus most likely Octopus warringa. I say most likely as there is a whole complex of these small octis around here and they can be hard to tell apart. He's a little antisocial (tends to nip!) but can have some spectacular colour/pattern/spike changes usually when I don't have my camera :mad: In fact the only pic I have of him is of his eyes!


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