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Dec 1, 2006
Is there any other name for a Bimac, everytime I go to local fish stores to try to order one they all look at me like im crazy, the only thing they keep telling me is a Common octo, which is what i have now, I love him to death hes just not as active.
They're also known as a California mudflat octopus or the California two-spot octopus.

Be that as it may, however, you won't find a bimac on any fish shop lists. Bimacs are illegal to collect for commercial sale. It is legal to catch a bimac for "personal use" with a fishing license if you live in southern California. Most of the bimacs that we keep as aquarists were bought from people who hatched them from eggs (Since the mother isn't being sold, no law is broken).

Long story short: You won't find them through any pet store; only by keeping tabs on this site.

Contact zyan silver by sending a private message. He still has lots of bimacs for sale. You'll need a good sized tank - about 50 gallons - Check out the Bimac Care Sheet under our Ceph Care articles.


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