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May 26, 2004
we have an octo that has for the last 2 weeks had this white spot in the end of its mantle like rummler but yesterday there were these things that sort of looked like eggs but without much of a shape kind of like mush on a string streaming out of its holes in its mantle and then it brought whatever it was back into its mantle we had some people tell us that they were gills but were really big if they were andthat it might be getting sick if they were out like that. could someone post a picture of octo gills :oops: if possible. and please post any and all opinions or possibilities even if you think its stupid.
Thanx :notworth: :notworth: :notworth:
I don't quite know what to reply to this - a photo would have been nice - but I'll try.

Octopuses do have gills on either side of the mantle - you will see what look like holes, and the funnel, which shoots out expired water, can project through these openings.

I don't know about white spots - we don't have any real treatment for octopuses, if something is wrong. As for something coming out of the gills, maybe its waste or mucus - hard to tell.

Here is a photo of an octopus with its funnel, which is coming out of the gill.

I know what you mean, i've seen it before with my GPO and vulgaris and have been assured that it was it's gills.

Nancy, he is describing them comming out of the Vent of teh mantle, not the funnel I think... or maybe i'm wrong!

I generally have a lot of octos of different species in at any one time and have never seen this as a problem or in any which have then gone on to spawn or die
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