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help with tank


Pygmy Octopus
Jan 17, 2008
hi im trying to find some info on how to build a octo safe tank the tank will be sumped so im after info on how to make the weir or durso safe any help would be appreciated
I added an pvc extension to the drain on the durso, about 8 inches with an end cap. Drilled 1/8th inch holes (probably a couple hundred). It didn't cause much drag, water level went up about 1/4 of an inch in the overflow.
I should have taken some! Sure don't. I'll take one tomorrow though, the tank's at my job, not home.

Where the drain is open.. the elbow facing down, I inserted the pvc into the elbow making the drain longer, going deeper into the overflow. I closed the open end off with the end cap. The water flows pretty freely through the holes but they need to be scrubbed occasionally to remove any debri buildup.

Made a microsoft paint graphic... will post soon.
thanks m8 im also researching which octo to go for i can only really go for the most common as there isnt a big choice in the uk do you have any suggestions
:welcome: to TONMO... It looks like AM's got your actual question under control...
thanks m8 that looks pretty straight forward:biggrin2: this tank will be plumbed straight onto my large reef so all i need to do now is find a species to buy
webbo;108515 said:
what about keeping more than 1 in the same tank

Not a good idea. They are generally solitary animals and are usually cannibalistic.

Seems that the dwarfs O. mercatoris can be kept in communities, but that's only been recorded with siblings, and they are very secretive, shy, nocturnal.

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