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Help with new S. Bandensis


Jun 7, 2008
I recently picked up a small S. Bandensis that was tank bred at my LFS. The cuttle is between 1/2" and 1" in length. I put him in a 20 extra tall with a good deal of macroalgae and a large piece of tonga branch rock. This tank is connected to my 200 gal reef system.

I have not seen the cuttle eat yet, however he was supposedly on frozen food. I put in frozen mysis but he ignores them. Also, it is very hard to find the cuttle in the tank at this size so it is hard to monitor his eating.

Should I move the cuttle to a net breeder to make sure he's getting established? According the to the LFS and the breeder, he is 3-4weeks old. At what age do most people move their S. Bandensis out of the net breeder and into a larger adult tank?

Feb 18, 2005
Put him in a net.Their growth really depends on how much you feed. You can easily keep it in the net for up to a couple months. 3-4 week olds usually do not readily eat frozen mysids. However, when its in the net, you can try to have a slight current in it to keep the mysid moving or just poke at it with a stick to make it look alive.

What store was this?


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Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO... Paradox covered your questions better than I ever could...


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Jan 22, 2004
Thats the store in Boston I told you about Daniel. They ordered 6. :biggrin2:

Chris, they were getting a mix of live mysis and frozen mysis so to say that they were on frozen isn't really correct (nor is it what I told Michelle :biggrin2: ).

Absolutely put it in a net breeder for now, so you can keep track both of food and the whereabouts of the cuttle. In the net breeder, if there is not enough circulation to keep the thawed frozen mysis moving you'll need to keep it moving with gentle blasts from a turkey baster. At worst, you can mix thawed frozen mysis in with live brine to get them triggering on mysis, but live brine is not a good food for cephs.