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Help! What am I doing wrong? :-)


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Nov 19, 2002
Colin and Nancy,

After reading all these posts over the last couple of years I finally took your advice, took the plunge and got myself a pet ceph and a state-of-the-art tank. But what is wrong with my pet? No matter how many times I poke it with a sharp stick the thing just won't respond.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


PS I should have posted this five days ago really.

seems obvious to me that the Carte D'Or tub has given off some sort of toxic ice cream gasses and rendered the poor thing unconcious.. I suggest a sharper stick and perhaps a different brand of dessert?

How many times have I warned people against using nautilus shells as ice cream scoops? :x
I was going to suggest offering the shy little bugger some tasty morsel, or perhaps using a sturdy hammer instead of a pointed stick. Always used to work on me.

I'm astounded, shocked and stunned :shock: :shock::shock:

You have there a very rare juvenile NZ Rainforest Nautilus of a type that is only found on the Tautuku Peninsula in the Catlins (Southern South Island). They NEVER respond to the sharp stick and much prefer a tank made out of flattened Speights beer cans (if a Keg isn't available) at a pinch they will reside in a Speights Old Dark ice cream pottle but this takes training. About the only thing they respond to is a meat pie and hot chips covered in Tomato sauce (Watties of course!) oh ......and Speights!

I couldn't help noticing that your tank seemed to be missing a lid in the photograph you posted; do you realize how dangerous it is to take such risks with the Rainforest Nautilus?! As an animal given predominantly to hibernation, punctuated by bouts of lightning-quick activity, which are stimulated by the perceived opportunity to migrate ( = escape), the RN is constantly (if not visibly) monitoring its environment for the chance to make its break. The octopus' escape artistry didn't evolve out of thin air, you know.
And really, Phil, since you are well aware of the toxicity of the RN's venom (some forty times the potency of the blue ring, at levels approaching that of the Sea Badger) the irresponsibility is unforgivable. I insist you personally accompany this specimen back to its native NZ habitat and oversee its release.

Phil, i have to be honest.... before i sold you the little critter, i ate him.... i just sold you an empty shell :oops: .... would you like a partial refund?
A Rainforest Nautilus!!!

WoW :shock:

What a good find! I think I know what the problem is, IT'S IN WATER! The rainforest nautilus have adapted "lungs" to help them breathe air, their gills have been rendered a vestigial organ.

It was probably too weak to climb out for a breath and is most likely in a subconscious state. Not too worry, research over the years has shown they can remain like this for 8 days, it still has a chance Phil :grad: .

Have you gotten a good supply of baby squirrels, their favourite prey? I hope so :heee:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ah Yes, but Joel the Tautuku Peninsula ones still spend around 50% of their time in seawater. Where they lurk around rockpools to steal Speights and Meat Pies from unsuspecting picknickers......the battles can be stupendous (your average Southern Man would rather chop of his arm than relinquish his Speights!)

We should now raise an alert telling people to give in their snacks, I heard their venom leads to a necrosis nearly 100% of the time. Pretty scary huh :goofysca:

Be careful Phil :roll:
Well thanks everyone for your, quite frankly, unhelpful suggestions.

As um... and Colin have suggested, I have tried feeding my NZ Rainforest Nautilus a different type of confectionary but to no avail. Joel, I have tried stimulating the water with an old toothbrush to oxygenate the water but again, no response. TTF, I have heard tales about the toxicity of the NZRN before, rest assured, I wear thick rubber gloves when handling the playful little tyke as you can see in the attached webcam shot.

I'm going to keep a careful eye on things over the next few days.


PS Would anyone be interested in seeing a permanent webcam on my pet? You could all share in its adventures!

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