help them explore the land


Dec 30, 2021
new york
I want to start or find a conversation about creating a...some equipment for an octopus to use, to explore the land!

Saw some cephalopod short documentaries, and the encounters with scuba divers were very friendly, sweet, endearing, and you say they are like curious five year olds with as much brain power as a dog. So how about "scuba gear" for an octopus, to come and explore us.

Visualize simply an RC car with a fish bowl on top. And within, levers, which the creature could learn to use and actually control it the contraption

If someone were to create this thing, drop a dozen at that beach where the 'pusses walk on land anyway, from pool to pool. And see what happens

ps my knowledge of cephalopods is zero until last week
pps i can foresee some engineering challenges to overcome

Futurama Shut Up And Take My Money GIF
lol @octobot approves! :laughing: Imagine a dedicated island of octo landwalkers - an island, optimized for octopuses to take their species further.

We're trying to go to Mars, so why not! Perhaps we can get some financial support from Elon Musk on this project.

Glad u mentioned mars, doesn't have to be hominids who first explore the moons of our giant planets

Was thinking spider legs not wheels for the safety of the octopuses who weren't in the bowl
then thought why not an ink jet too lol
then... homunculus, the potential
Thank you that is friggn awesome, exactly what i wanted to see. One of the tweets was: "The Matrix Refilled"

The 'interface' would need to be different for an octopus...or would it? I'm just a hatchling what do you think?
Actually, before this gets serious, the contraption needs a name, i been brainstorming but need help:
The Cephalopod-pod
An Octouber
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cephalopod-pod matches the absurdity of the project! :lol:

Yes, the interface would need a couple of simple levers (maybe just one for the minimum viable product) which allows the octo to apply its own logic against its dexterous capabilities to produce an outcome. e.g., pull the lever, which emits a chime. The octo can learn that the chime associates with human assistance (e.g., to carry it down a flight of stairs). Future versions can have other levers, e.g., to turn on an external headlamp (for nighttime roaming), lasers, etc.
Angus both your points are very strong, do you have a friend who is and engineer or industrial designer?

yeah goldfish be way ahead on this

crab legs wants in on the locomotion technique to be chosen
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