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Sep 20, 2005

I am new to this whole Octo pussy thing, but i rilly intrests me. I have read many of the forum pulse info form reliable sources. Right now i ma trying to get a tank in the 65gal to 80gal zone. right now i am 15 years old and i have dreams of becoming a marine biologist. I was fist thinking of getting a cuttle because the are the cutest things i have ever seen but i hear that they were hard to get in north america. Now i am thinking of getting soem type of octo.

it would be great if any one would tell me what a good starting octopus is or if any one lives in Vancouve and could show me there octo and how they got started. i also would like to no if you rad tide crabs form the coast of B.C would have and effect one octos

I am open info or sercits that you can share with me and in gaming tenns yes i am a NOOB!!

Your Wanabee Friend Wanabeeocto
:welcome: Octowanabee

The most important thing you can have when dealing with captive octis (or any other marine critter for that matter) is Patience!!!!!

Read heaps, especially as you are new to this, ask questions..........

But as I say patience is required. Once you have all your equipment (see the euipment lists in the ceph care forum) it is going to take a MINIMUM of 3 months to cycle your tank BEFORE you get an octi. You'll also need to lay in a store of high quality food such as live crabs, shimps and amphipods and a back up supply of say frozen shrimps (octopus have incredible appetites :lol: ) and have on hand an emergency supply of around 30G saltwater ready made up for water changes.

The tank itself will need to be escape proof..............duct tape is fabulous stuff!!!!!!!


thanks thats rilly help full.. I rilly do have nooo idea wut parts to get if any one could send me a list of the parts they use and if it works good for them that would be very much apperciated.. i am also woundering if just crabs form the beach will work and how big sould they be?? Also will red tide effect the octie?? i have many questions that i would like to be awnsered.. if u are interessted in getting the NOOB on his feat just respond...
Live Rock

Live Rock is not necessary but is highly desirable because it helps to get the biology in your tank established. In an 60-80 gallon tank you could put a lot of live rock(100 pounds or more). It also serves the dual purpose of being a great hiding place for your new octo. The live rock has all sorts of organisims living on/in it and will help bring your tank up to speed as quickly as possible.

thank man thats helpfull but are there maney diifernt types of rock and if there is what is the best kind??? also how can you make caves in the live rock??

You make caves by stacking smaller rocks, so there are crevices for the octo to creep into......................making sure of course that your carefully erected edifice is stable so it won't collapse and squish the octo :shock:

BUT octopus often rearrange the rocks, gravel, seaweed sand, shells etc etc to suit themselves!!

Talk to your LFS about which type of rock to buy! It will vary a little depending on temp etc BTW you don't want rocks with anemones.....they'll sting the octopus and as the skin is sensitive it may well blister whic can lead to infection...not good!

O sweet.... I went to to LFS today and gosh are tanks expencive..lol..But i learned lots more.. there sure is alot to know about this hole suject.. now they said that they could order in common octos blue ring and zebra stripe.now for some starge reason i dont think thats common is the right name i am sure it has a name.. he said it was shipped form bali, indoniesia dose any one no what kind that would be???i no that blue rings are not a good choice i was thinking more around a bemic.. but how are zerba striped (if thats the right name) for a pet??

"Common" is the name given to nearly every octo from a joubini to a Giant pacific octopus. Because they're not easy to identify, dealers just name it common octopus. So you won't be very sure of what you're gonna get...

As for blue rings, it would be wise not to get one unless you're very experienced, but even then, it's still not recommended.

'Zebra striped' are probably references to mimic octos or wunderpus. Again we don't recommend getting one as they're quite rare ( and expensive). There's not much know about these octos and for all we know they could be highly venomous.
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