Help Save Shark and Mangrove Habitat at Bimini islands

Nurse Shark

Oct 11, 2006
Bimini, Bahamas - The mangrove habitats of these islands is the location of one of the most important nursery grounds for Lemon Sharks in the North West Atlantic and home to the extremely rare Bimini Boa. Now the Hilton Hotels Corporation and Capo Group are chopping it all down in order to build a golf course and hotel.
Please Help Save the Future of Sharks at Bimini island
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Bimini island, located just 50 miles from Miami is being destroyed by current project named Bimini Bay Resort. This development threatens biological important marine ecosystems of Bimini. Mangrove areas which serve as nursery for countless species of fish and of course LEMON sharks can be destroyed by senseless development.
Also in Bimini there is Biological Field Station which is the world’s longest-running shark research station, most of the world’s shark biologists have trained there.
When you help to sharks, you'll also help to existence of this station.
Please, take a moment to sign the petition at:

Sign Petition: Save the Mangrove at Bimini!

For more information about Bimini destruction see:
Here you can find other ways of help (Take action)

Photos of destruction see here:

We really need your help,
Thanks for every signature or letter!

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Although I think this is a good forum to reach folks who might be interested in this, I think "Tank Talk" is clearly not the right forum for it. If there is anywhere in the non-paid member areas of TONMO for it, I'd say the "Marine Conservation" forum in the "Cephalpod Science Forums" section is most appropriate.

Strictly speaking, since it doesn't involve cephalopods, it's really not an appropriate seed post for TONMO, but it's a lot closer that viagra ads or cell phones for sale.

That being said, :welcome: to TONMO; I expect that since you're interested in activism on conserving marine ecosystems, you're likely to fit in. I seem to remember people even discussing use of mangroves for biofiltration of cephalopod tanks, which would be an appropriate and interesting thing to discuss here in "Tank Talk."
Nurse Shark;80710 said:
Sorry, I put it on the wrong place. The post will soon deleted.
I've put it on Marine Coservation forum.


I think it'll be fine here, although the staff who have moderation privs (unlike me) might have issues since it's not directly related to cephalopods... but we do bend the rules somewhat when it comes to marine habitat conservation issues, since a lot of people here feel pretty strongly about reef destruction, bottom trawling, and irresponsible fishing.
I signed a couple of the petitions. Any resort will spell disaster for the marine life in the area, but it looks like it is too late as much damage has been done already. The next problems are one of developing local infrastructure to support this resort, siltation, erosion, sewerage treatment (or lack of it), pedestrian and diver impacts on the local coastline, debris/litter, roads and associated freshwater runoff (including all the crap resulting from brake pad wear, tire wear and vehicle emissions)......
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