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HELP , oh my goodness, my octo has a hole in his mantle


Aug 21, 2004
its not all the way through his mantal , but on the back side of it his camoflauge part is missing, and just shows his white skin underneath, it was about half a pencil size eraser two days ago , and now its the size of a full pencil eraser, he still eats..

will he get ok ?

im blaming this on maybe a larger bristle worm
How old is your octo? I remember Ink had the same type of mark, turned out to be an injury that eventually healed on it's own. I've also seen these on an aging octo as well. Have you checked your water lately? Hope he's ok!!

water is good

he still crawls and eats, buyt hes slower moving , i think its cause it hurts him if he jets a bunch of water,

hopefull it will heal
any update? any chance he could have got trapped under a rock? you got fish in there?
Butt burn is not so common with octos - they tend to jet headfirst and bump their heads, even in large tanks. (I talked with someone who had a very large tank and had kept 17 bimacs, one at a time. Only one had learned to control his jetting so that he didn't bump his head!) Usually they suffer no damage and it would be on the head, if it happened.

Of course, it's quite a problem for cuttlefish.

Some octos do get butt burn. Especially if the jet a lot. We've had it a few times. Seems to occur as the octo gets older. Squidgy our current octo is in no danger of getting it......he NEVER budges out of his pipe!

I stand corrected!

Jean, on what parts of their body are octos likely to have this problem (I know that's a stupid question!) and what does it look like on an octopus?

Hi Nancy,

Sorry if I was a little abrupt!!! (Puppy got me up at 5am and we were out of tea :mad: )

Ours have typically got it on the "point" of the mantle. It starts off as a small (1 cm or less) rubbed area which can enlarge to be hand sized (remember we display a large spp). It does heal but never regains the chromatophores so you end up with a large white patch on the rear of the octi. Never seems to bother ours too much and they go on to live their full life span.

Only really nasty disease we've ever had is autophagy.


hes still alive

hes still alive ,but hes not ate in 2 .5 days , or at least i cant tell , on that day before the 2.5 i feed him a big piece of frozen shrimp and he ate it.

he breathes slowers, like it hurts if he propels too much water in him. casue of that hole. and its sad because he usually just hangs here or there with just one ore two arms and the others dangle
i feel so bad cause he was just now gettin tghe size that he looks seeable lol cause they are so tiny for so long before they become bigger and awesome looking.

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