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Help ME!!!!!!


Sep 20, 2005

I am new to this whole Octo pussy thing, but i rilly intrests me. I have read many of the forum pulse info form reliable sources. Right now i ma trying to get a tank in the 65gal to 80gal zone. right now i am 15 years old and i have dreams of becoming a marine biologist. I was fist thinking of getting a cuttle because the are the cutest things i have ever seen but i hear that they were hard to get in north america. Now i am thinking of getting soem type of octo.

it would be great if any one would tell me what a good starting octopus is or if any one lives in Vancouve and could show me there octo and how they got started. i also would like to no if you rad tide crabs form the coast of B.C would have and effect one octos

I am open info or sercits that you can share with me and in gaming tenns yes i am a NOOB!!

Your Wanabee Friend Wanabeeocto :biggrin2:
well you can get cuttles, well in the US anyway, form octopets.com, i would go with a bimac octo, or a bandensis or oficials cuttle, also read the octo care sheet/cuttle care sheet.
Octowanabee said:
wow chill out i can do what ever i want its a free world
Welcome to the site! Actually, we do moderate these forums, so I Need Cuttle does have a point (and I believe it was intended as a friendly suggestion). Please do keep seed posts limited to one per topic. Thanks!


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