Help! Identifying Ancient Ceph

Squid Queen

Aug 14, 2005
Help! I'm starting another fun-filled year of High School this year, and I have been making binder covers for each of my five or so subjects using cephs. And I thought that for history, I should use one of the more ancient ceph species.
... Then I realized, after drawing it, that I really don't know what kind it is! Is this an ammonite or what? Thank you for helping!
(I do apologize for the quality of the scan - I had to darken it, but part of the poor guys tentacles sorta didn't scan, so that's why there's the big black line over part of him)


  • conv_302265.jpg
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Definitely an ancient ceph there Squid Queen. Looks like an orthoconic nautiloid of some description to me. Much earlier then the ammonites....

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