HELP!! And a bit o/t for cephs...

The Rat

Apr 10, 2006
Hello folks, I come to you in a rather roundabout way, courtesy of Greg, Cthulhu77. I'm not a trained biologist, just an amateur naturalist, so I'm looking for some expert info.

Is there anyone here who could help me with some info on Sea Cucumbers? Yes, I know they're echinoderms, but unless you can point me to an echino forum you're stuck with me. :razz:

I need info on the Five-toothed sea cucumber, Actinopyga agasizii. My question regards its anal teeth, specifically, how is it determined that the end with the teeth is actually the anus? Does it always eat at the other end and excrete at the toothed end? Is there some other aspect of the anatomy which determines which end is the head? I'm sure the answer is simple, so simple in fact that my present limited references and an internet search don't bother mentioning it. :hmm:

No supreme rush on this, the presentation I was prepping for has been postponed due to the annual chocolate festival (Easter). :wink:

If you have a lot of info or a link you can e-mail me directly at

That middle one gave me what I needed, thanks monty!

Sea cucumbers, like other echinoderms, lack a distinct "head". Instead, the mouth end of a sea cucumber is ringed by 5 feeding tentacles used in gathering food particles.
See? What did I tell you? These guys are the font of knowledge!
Now, you just need to write some papers on cephs for your group...
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