RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY, whales and squid, Feb 2004



The way I got my screen is like this: I keep forgeting my screen name on a lot of multi-player games such as Battlefield, Runescape and C&C seris, so I just use that all the rest of my online stuff. Chrono means teleport or something...
:hmm: In editing the original post for this thread a message popped up to say 'text too long'. So I've had to remove the references and post them separately. Sorry. The following links to the first post in this thread.

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And I should add here that the Physeter component of this research project has also been taken.
As in a funded postdoc? I guess so. Not at this point in time, but things change from one day to the next. Are you aware of any funding that could be applied for?
Funding in Australia.....yes. Whether I can get funding from the Australian government to study in New Zealand I have no idea. It's something I could check out....and will.
Please let me know if anything becomes available as I am longing to work with cephalopods again and enjoy ecology and marine conservation more than i do fish vaccination.

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