Nov 23, 2004
iv been meaning to join for a while but had not been able to get my computer to work.im planning to set up an octopus tank (taking it slow)
and i have a few questions.

im planing on using 2 250gph canister filters, could i use one of them to put water into my sump and the other one to put water back in the tank?
(a basic sump question i know but im a little confused)

do you need to activley feed them? is it really a good idea to keep them in a sump?

id like to have som aesthetic seaweed but wuold an octopus eat it?
please give me some ansers
Well you have a lot of questions so I will do my best to answer them all.

The octopus that I have worked with are always feed live food either crabs of shimp. If you worked with it you might be able to get it to take dead food by first putting the food on a stick and moving it around, it works with other animals so possibly an octopus, but live food is best. They will eat every day but they can go without food for a day or two. As far as putting seaweed in with them you can try it but octopus love to redecorate there homes so don't be surprised if it is constantly pulling it out, but I don't think it would eat it. The problem with putting it in the sump is that it will have to be securely covered so that it does not excape also sumps are ment for filtration and a octopus is usually messy so just watch out for ammonia buildup. Most people have a overflow/siphon go from there aquarium into the sump then a pump back into the tank.

Let me know if you need any more explaination. Just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. I suggest looking at "The Cephalopod Page" on the internet.
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

You'll find lots of good information about keeping an octopus in our Ceph Care articles. Just click on the Ceph Care button above.

Also, we welcome your additional questions over on the Ceph Care forum.

Yes, you have to actively feed them. If you get one of the bimac babies (tank raised), you can start off with the baby clams offered for sale with the bimac. You can also introduce small hermit crabs, snails, and even non-live food (small pieces of frozen uncooked shrimp, thawed) or even fresh seafood.

i accidentally erased part of my letter (must have sounded stupid)

what i MEANT to ask was could i keep the clams from octopets in my sump and would i have to feed THEM (the clams)

i had no intention of keeping an octopus in a sump( *whoo* talk about off to a bad start)
Welcome to Tonmo!!! Sounds like you are off to a roaring start...be sure to enter your tank in the database!

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