Jan 30, 2005
Hi, I'm Mandy. I'm so glad I found this site. I NEVER thought so many people were as interested in Cephalopods as I am! I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota and am 18 years old. My interests include MUSIC(anything from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, to Hank Williams and Elvis), cephalopods(obviously), forensic science, painting, and horror movies and novels. I want to go to the University of Minnesota for Marine Biology. I haven't really looked into it yet. Has anybody went to school for Marine Biology? Could you tell me what kind of courses you take, and the kinds of things that you learn and experience? Thank you!
Well! :welcome: Another Minnesotan-ite !!! Kat (titenfisch) and I are both from your neck of the woods...(golden valley, I )
Glad you found us...join in in the madness!
Hi Mandy; welcome indeed. Kat, aka Tintenfisch, should be able to help you re marine courses/colleges in Minnesota (she'll be blasting back online shortly, making up for a long absence). There are a few online that have done marine biology courses, but the greatest majority of people online are just mad-keen on marine matters, working in quite unrelated areas.

Glad you like Elvis - you'll fit right in!!! If you like Neil Diamond I'll become your # 1 fan.

"Scabbin Around" - a rather unusual handle to go by. Any particular reason (do you flake often?)
More artists??? Man, this is weird!

Standard Squidman Interrogation©:

1. What kind of art do you do?

2. What is your favorite ceph?

3. Like jazz?

Architeuthis forever!
Hey there and welcome! I'm a marine biology student right now at Texas A&M Galveston.

As far as what sorts of classes to expect... lessee... expect chemistry a-plenty. Then all the basic classes every major has to take. And biology. Once you get to be a junior and senior you get into the fun classes... like ichthyology (fish... lots of them) and invertebrate zoology (including our much beloved cephs!).

You can probably find all sorts of info on my school's website (or your chosen school's site... whichever) Texas A&M University at Galveston

Also, if you really want more info on classes to expect, well, here they are: http://www.marinebiology.edu/Curriculum/MARB.htm

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the elective courses at the bottom.
Hi welcome, soon you will be among the ranks of bio students who wonder if the combined weight of the aquriums is more than the dorm can handel. Being on the west coast of canada marine bio is big so most of us had one or two tanks in the rooms. The sounds of filters, pumps and overflows! lol
yeah, let me tell you about tanks in dorm rooms! at it's height, it contained 75 gallon saltwater with a moray eel, 20 gallon fresh with breeding pair of angelfish, 29 gallon with... various.... and a betta for good measure. I wonder if the room directly below mine was ever aware of their peril?

Hmm... actually I had two 75 gallon tanks in there... only one in operaton though.
Hi you'll find me around making piontless posts ans some off topic threads. I'm the fellow that's usually left clueless since I live in Asiaand you fellows live in Australia, US, Europe and all the other places! :wink2:

:welcome: anyway, glad you found us. Another memeber not over 20, it seems like I'm not the only young person after all! By the way I'm 14 :grin:
Hiya Mandy,
Man - I was just in St Paul over Christmas! If I'd only known...
I haven't actually looked into U of M for marine bio courses/majors. As you will know, it's an excellent university in general, but I always assumed (dangerous, I know) that it would be stronger in freshwater subjects than marine... I do love MN but also found the coast (east in my case, but was always interested in Oregon State U as well - excellent marine bio reputation) very handy for studying marine stuff. No freshwater cephs, you know. :wink2: The only subjects I'm familiar with from MN (through various friends) are computing and German, which were both reportedly good... but not much use to you, probably. I guess I would look at the local course listings and compare them to some other universities, and see how they stack up?
Hi Mandy!

Good luck with the marine science major! I am in marine tech... I guess it's similar but only a 2 year course... I take mine at a community college, a good option to think about in case your scholarships don't go through :octopus: :bluering:

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