Hello !


Dec 17, 2003
Greetings to all ! :smile:

I am new in this forum. Well, it's amazing to see how cephalopods'lovers are numerous from places to places. So let me introduce myself. I live in France at about one hundred meters from the mediterranean sea. I am currently a student preparing a PhD in oceanography (nothing concerning Octopuses, I work on phytoplankton)....

Mmhh, about Octopus ?... Oh yes :wink: , I love them ! When I was a kid, my favourite play was to seek them near rocky shore and they have a responsability in the fact that I came to scuba diving 16 years ago. Now they are one of my favourite subjects for filming or photography. My dive buddy and I do a lot of night dives (the next one is tomorrow evening :wink: ) and here, night is perfect for any kind of encounter with cephalopods. The deep waters of the bay where we dive from the shore are a nice place to see a high biodiversity. Automn and winter are perfect for observing at night Octopus vulgaris and Octopus macropus, cuttle-fish, schools of squids and some small & red sepiolid squids. Some people said it is also possible to meet paper nautiluses in deeper water (have already seen one but at 100 km from this place, they are quite uncommun in our waters).

So I hope to have some interesting discussions with some members of this forum. I am interested in photography and filming techniques in approaching those creature (squids here are very very shy ! ) . I will post some photos of what we see in a near future :wink:
It's a complicated story but to be simple, I am studying how phytoplankton cells grow according to light and nutrients to develop some mathematical models. Looks probably boring (far more than seeking squids indeed :P ) but it's very interesting. Earlier I was interested in fish ecology but finding labs and funds in France for this kind of study is nearly impossible with very limited possibilities of employment. So I don't study fish or cephalopods but I can dive with them when I want :wink:
Hi, and another big wecome to TONMO.com!

How nice to live so near the sea and to be able to visit all octopuses!

Am looking forward to more photos. Please tell us something about the camera you're using, too.

For underwater photography, I use a digicam Canon Powershot A40 (2Mpix) with a dedicated housing (30m/100ft) and with an additionnal macro lens from Sea&sea.

For underwater video, I use a ikelite housing (60m/200ft) with a Sony HI8 camcorder.

For both systems, as I dive by night, I use 2 homemade 50W (or 100W or LEDs matrix) headlamps with flood beam for video (110°) and a separate battery pack.

I will post some photos very very soon :smile:
Hi and welcome!!! :welcome:

That is one fantastic picture!!! Makes me think I need to go back to a canon!!!

Looking forward to more pics!!!

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