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Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2006
Hello there!: :tomato:

It's very nice to be here with you! :cheers:

I'm an animator in Boulder, Colorado and have a few questions before I buy my little octo. :octopus:

I've had saltwater fish for a few years now, so my tank is totally set up as far as live rock, etc. but I am a bit hesitant to glue my live rocks under water. Most of them are very big, but I have about 4 or 5 that are only 6-20 pounds. I plan on getting a 3-4" octo. to start with. Can it throw these at the glass?

I'm also drilling holes in a peice of plexi for all tubes, etc at the top of my tank. I saw in one thread that someone had a lock on their aquarium; is that needed?

I see many types of food to feed them, so I think that part is covered.

Is the salinity supposed to be at .034? My starfish are not liking the salt level that high even though I raised it slowly. Can it be at .033?

I'm planning on using a light from an old 10 gallon with an atnic bulb for a 46 gallon tank. Should I get a smaller one or is this amount of light okay?

Okay...:mrgreen: I think that's all for now.
Thanks in advance for saving me from this.

Talk to you soon!
Your specific gravity should be at about 1.026. I don't know that a lock is needed but the top should be tightly sealed to prevent escaping.


Welcome to Tonmo ! Most of what you need to know is covered in the "ceph care" articles by Nancy and Colin...anything else, just post it up, and one of us will come with answers. Glad to have you here !
:welcome: Octopus are strong, so some people put something heavy on the top of the tank, so that the octopus doesn't push up the lid to escape. Maybe the lock was in place of the rock...