Hello, once again guys. Sorry for the almost 8 year hiatus!


Feb 9, 2008
East Haven,CT
Sadly, life, crazy jobs, and wasted years living with my now ex kept me away from my many hobbies, one including aquariums and cephs. Lately I've really been craving setting up tanks again, and my main one being a octo intended tank. 8 years ago I had my first girl, Octavius I, which actually I had for 6 great months and she laid FERTILIZED eggs, if you followed the posts then you know any they didn't make it after 3 days (has any development came for small egg species in the time I've been gone?). I had 2 more octopuses after that, each fully grown, all the O. hummelincki species.

Just wanted to say hi again guys, Is Nancy still around (the one that wrote the hardcover book I bought years ago)? Look forward to following this site closely once again, and hopefully by summer I am in the game once again! Good seeing you guys.
Welcome back!

Yes, @Nancy is still on the staff (you can now place an at sign in front of a member id to alert that member to a post).

Sadly, no, we still have not solved the pelagic hatchling survival puzzle. There have been a few minor successes getting a couple (out of thousands) to survive to benthic using newly hatched crabs but I don't know there have been any to live a full life span.
Hey friend! Well glad to hear we're still working on that puzzle, I'm sure we'll get it one day! ( then the next evolution of the problem is... How to give away 1000 babies lol)
Hi Octovarium and welcome back! Yes, I'm still here, and I'm looking forward to reading about your next octopus. Of course I remember Octavius 1.

Hope you enjoyed our book and found it useful!


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