Hello new friends!

Jul 7, 2006
Hello all, my name is Luke...and am getting interested in these crazy creatures:biggrin2: As of late i have fallen upon luck and was able to buy this tank locally...pictured below...it was an amazing deal, and is a 50gallon, conected by the two tubes you see there. I hail from the saltwater world on saltwaterfish.com...and have been directed here by a friend to seek info about these guys. I have two other saltwater tanks, a 75gallon, not much in it yet but a couple of corals and a damsel...and then a 40gallon reef.

First off i'm wondering where this equipment list and checklist is that i read in the FAQ sticky?

thanks all!!


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Welcome, Bronco! Good to have you here. The information you're seeking can be found on our Artciles menu, under Ceph Care. Our site navigation runs across the top of every page (Home | Articles | Forums | Features | etc.) Here's a direct link:

[URL2="[URL="http://www.tonmo.com/cephcare/cephcarejump.php"]Cephalopod Care[/URL]"]Ceph Care Articles[/URL2]

Happy reading and thanks for joining our site!
Welcome to Tonmo! great looking tanks, look forward to hearing about the octo tank as it gets set up too.

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