Hello! I'm EMC!


Dec 13, 2007
I'm an Art Student currently doing independent work. My current project is a comic book with writer and a website owner, Kevin Bush.

I've always been fascinated my cephalopods. I did a work that is just now posted in the art gallery on this website. It's my half on an art trade with a local tattoo artist to do me an octopus tattoo as a half sleeve on my left. Specifically my left arm because...I have a blue mark on my shoulder that came from a domestic fight and a pencil was stabbed into my arm. Not only that, I have something called Lipoma in three places on the left side of my neck and upper shoulder. They're not cancerous but in rare cases can become cancerous. I hope the Octopus will kinda be like my guardian, with it's positive energy. :smile::boat:
:welcome: to TONMO. I hope the octopus-totem keeps you safe (and impresses your friends...)

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