Hello from Rhode Island!!


May 17, 2004
Hello! My name is Angus.I hail from the smallest state in the union.Rhode Island!! I stumbled on this website and decided to grow roots and stay.My favorite animal has always been Cephalopods! So I'm happy to be here!!
Regarding roots, as a complete aside, I once heard that you shouldn't overwater a plant - you wanted to starve it to a certain extent so its roots grew deep. Any truth to this?? Sorry to digress.

Welcome aboard SZ!
Steve... ive heard it in reference to grass, but havent heard it anything in reference to plants that one might see in a pot.... as for the grass theory, i say water your lawn plenty, just be smart about what kind of seed you use...

and of course a :welcome: to subzero...
By hokey, let me extend another warm welcome to subzero too :mrgreen:

:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

Off to water the lawn
G'day Angus & :welcome:
when I was a wee lad & Blackjacks & Fruit Salad were 4 for a penny, my bestest pal was Angus McForgotten. I realise you're not the only Angus but on the offchance did you ever abide at Gibraltar Close in B.S.E ?
(Bury St. Edmunds not Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy)
Great chickens by the way, good layers, friendly too.

Top tip for top lawns: Aerate & liberally rake sharp sand onto lawn in effect raising height of lawn over time. This combats soil compaction from stampeding homo sapiens & grass has to grow up thro' it encouraging root formation.

(an exerpt from "I know my Onions, Pitcher Plants too !" by Spartacus Greenfinger)

from experience, I've noticed than when trying to force root growth in Asian coconuts using the H20 withdrawal method, the phenomena appropriately called "brown & dead" occurs, an effect that even my local Reiki Master Bagwan Rajneeshinod couldn't reverse.

Peace on your lawn !
Welcome to Tonmo ! No lawns in Arizona, so I can't help you there...
Hey, where's Scorpion ?

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