Hello from Ibiza!

Feb 14, 2022
San Rafael, Ibiza
Scuba diving at night every week our local cephs surprise me every time again...and again!
Love to follow & watch them while they are doing their daily 'shopping'...and
great that they let me photograph them ;-)

Cephs rock!
Sorry for getting replying so late; I hadn't seen your question ( still figuring out how it all works ;-)

My photos are shot with no modifications apart from colour corrections, retouching and sometimes cropping.

My gear?

Well, it is pretty outdated but still works fine!
I shoot mainly with a Canon 1DSMKIII and sometimes a Canon 5DMKII and use SUBAL housings for them, paired with two INON Z-240 and different diffusers, shades (DIY) and snoots. The focal lengths I use are an EF14mm, EF24mm and EF100 MACRO ( sometimes with an extension ring ). I try to vary with different set-ups and sometimes use small focus lights and longer exposure times to create a more 'dynamic' picture.

You can see some more of my pictures @octoparazzo on Instagram.

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