hello from Hong Kong...


Jan 1, 2003
another newby, I contacted Colin a while back about tank design and now have my 130 gallon (US) tank 6 weeks into cycling. Current inhabitants are 2 local starfish and a hairy black crab that arrived with the live rock and seems to find plenty to live on in the nooks and crannies... big fan of the live rock.

HK has a thriving local industry (and some questionable practices unfortunately) catering to aquaculture, but not really cephs. In fact I get funny looks whenever I mention the inhabitant intended for my tank. Previous experience is mainly freshwater, so I am learning a lot from this excellent site...thanks to everyone for all the good stuff here, :yinyang:

Welcome Mark!!!

Funny you mention the odd looks!! I get that all the time!! People don't know what they're missing!!!

Welcome Mark! Glad you're finding the site useful!

Nice catch with your live rock there... do you think it (the hairy black crab) will become dinner for your ceph?
Hello and welcome! I haven't been to Hong Kong, although I have ordered fish from there, but a lot of the best places to buy live cephs in south america is: at the fish markets!...I have picked up some fantastic specimens that were originally intended as food! Just think of the wierd looks :shock: you are going to get there! (the vendors usually just shook their heads in wonder, especially when I bagged up the octos in seawater). Happy hunting! sounds like you are going to have a great tank...
the wet fish market in one of the fishing ports is exactly where I am going to try to find my first octo in fact, hoping to find some of the young 'uns that are otherwise destined for a salad :cry: . Perhaps I can raise some awareness here about these amazing creatures. One interesting SARS side-effect is that imports of reef fish from Australia and other places have plummetted as restaurant demand dried up - one silver lining in the cloud.

Sadly the black crab (with white feet) will likely end up as lunch although he is very good at hiding...

thanks again
Mark :yinyang:

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