Hello from England!


May 7, 2004
My names Neil, I'm 19, I live in England and am a Graphic designer.

I have loved cephalopods and Crustaceans for their complete mind numbing beauty.

I think I'm ready to keep some as pets and I really wanted to join a community like this. :smile:
:welcome: there Neil. Great name by the way - there are a growing number of NeilDiamond supporters online :heee: .

We've now got quite a few Brits online; you chaps should have yourself a mini conference one of these days, then post a few pics online.
Welcome! And don't believe that bit about Neil...we hunt them down as fast as they pop up! :lol:
Hey man, good to see another new Brit!

I'm down in Weymouth on the South Coast at the Sea Life Centres Quarentine unit, Biological Services!

I've done a few meets with the people from Seahorse.Org as we keep and breed a lot of them here too. Would be quite a good idea.

There is of course NAW (National Aquarium Workshop) which takes place every year!
england calling

:cyclops: Hi all

It nice to see so many people who find cephalopoda as interesting as i do.
I am doing a zoology degree at University of Derby and just wrote an essay on them. I found that they were so weird and wonderful, think more people need to appreciate how cool cephalopods and all inverts can be.

H :biggrin2:
Nice of you to drop in H

Looks like we've another :grad: in our midst.

thanks for the welcome

it was all down to that article in new scientist about the giant squid that got me into Cephalopods.

Keep up the good work.

H 8)
Hi Magnetichead, HEAndrews and Andy,

Not many of us Brits here. Perhaps a few more and we can hire a North Sea trawler and go ceph-hunting!

Seriously, welcome and I hope you enjoy the site.


:cheers: :sink:
Sorry to go off topic

Not sure why they fed infrequently, may be due to parasite burden or ammonia problems.

Kent Marine (Other good companies are available... haha) have a supliment called Garlic Extreme which triggers the feeding response on Seahorses (Much like cats) but be warned, if you get any then please under no circumstances smell it... won't do anything for your appitite, in fact you may even see your lunch again!

Uni of Derby was well nice with I had a look a few years ago, went to Hull's Campus in Scarborough and did Marine Biology, was fantastic! Good luck for the course and if you need anything give me a shout!

Phil, i've got plenty of people who own trawlers off Scarborough and Whitby, shouldn't be a problem if you would like to arange something!

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