hello from Austria


May 1, 2009
hi everybody
i just wanted to introduce myself, my name is philipp and i just ordered a 60 gallon tank designated to keep sepia bandensis in the future.
i´m going to connect the tank to my 120 gallon reef tank to keep the water qualitiy up.
right now i´m looking for a source for s. bandensis, it´s quite hard to get these little ceph´s here in austria because nobody is really interested in them.
So i´m really glad to found your great site and please excuse me for my english i know it could be better but i hope it´s good enough to unterstand what i´m talking about :biggrin2:
Welcome Austria!

Morpheus, your English is better than what is spoken by half the US population :biggrin2:

When you find your cuttles, please start a journal.

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