Hello everybody!


Jan 31, 2006
I registered here a couple of days ago: I was searching the big net for something "edible" :wink: actually just some maori words for seacreatures and I ended up in your Myth, Legend and Symbolism thread in the Culture and Entertainment forum. It fascinated me so much, that I instantly joined ... but I had not the time to present myself.
I'm a biologist: Freshwater critters for everyday work, marine ones as soon as I can and sometimes even for work (i.e. I manage to get a little money for it ... just enough usually to cover expenses).
I'm a diver ... well ... maybe I should say "I was" ... had no time lately to do any diving, but I still know how it goes :snorkel:
Many are the creature that fascinate me, and not far from the top are Octopus&Co (argonauts, cuttlefishes, nautilus, giant squids ... whatever!) !
This seems a fantastic place to learn about them ... and the people who like them, as well as a good place to ask questions when they arise.
So here I am ... oh, Yubi comes from Yubarta, meaning Humpback Whale

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