Hello, all.


Pygmy Octopus
Aug 4, 2003
Hello all, I am an octopus enthusiast (cephalomanac) who happened to stumble upon this site one day while looking for an octopus T-shirt. I do not own an octopus but I have had the pleasure of meeting several over time. I happen to live in the same apartment building with several cephs, most notably: Worthington the Squid, and Nostradamus the cuttle.
I decided to post in this forum for no reason at all, just because I can.

Good day,
And I have decided to respond to your introduction note for no other reason than because I can... :smile:

Oh, and to say, WELCOME! :biggrin2:


Have fun. Great picture, by the way. Very original! :jester:
Thank you everybody! I have actually visited the aquarium in a place called "New Jersey" today and am going to go to several aquariums called "Mystic" in Connecticut and "Woods Hole" Massachusetts in about a week. I will upload some octopus pics as soon as I get the chance. ( I do not have a scanner :frown: )

Seeya later,