Hello all


Jan 15, 2005
I feel kind of silly making a post just to say hello to you all, but I found this section and thought it would be appropriate.

I unfortunately do not work with Cephalopods, nor am I student training to work with them. I am just an avid fan of all things multi-armed.

I'm an archeologist living in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and have had a few encounters with both squid and an octopus. These chance meetings left me with wonder and a lot of questions, so I decided to try and learn as much as I could.

A few years later and many resources used, my knowlege has increased but each question answered generated more. So here I am exploring the web and I end up on your web forum and have fallen in love. There is a tonne of information and you all see to genuinely enjoy these multi-tentacled beings as much (and more than) I do.

So expect to see me hiding in the background reading and enjoying your passion and interests. You never know, I may hopefully find some helpfull news and pass it on to you all.

:smile: Talk about a long winded hello, especialy when I said I found this weird. I'll see you all soon, and thanks for allowing me to join your family.


** If your tired of reading my typing already, hit the back button as I am going on. :smile:

I just thought I would share to you my most intersting and enjoyable experiences I have had with squid.

I was in the Dominican Republic a number of years ago, and basicaly lived in the water. There was just so much to see and explore on the reef and I spent most of my days poking in holes and connecting with the life around me.
Anyway, I was on my way back to shore after a time in the water, and was over a stretch of sandy bottom when I noticed a group of squid hovering just below me. I can't tell you what kind of squid they were, or exactly how many of them, as they kept appearing and disapearing below me. I hung trasfixed, jaw open (metaphoricaly) and just watched as these small (about 8 inches to my eyes) creatures darted this way and that way below me. They never seemed to stay still, and were weaving around each other and darting to the bottom.
It was incredible and I don't know how long I just floated there watching, but I decided to continue on to the shore and started kicking. I had moved about 15 feet or so, and took a look back. I was blown away, the squid had risen up to my leveland were following me. I stopped and turned around and they stopped and stared. I kicked backwards (towards shore) a bit, and they kept up with me. I couldn't believe my eyes. After playing around like this for a little bit, (moving sideways, forwards, bacwards etc..), I came to the conclusion that these creatures were interested in me. I was about to turn around and make shore, when at some cue that I didn't see, they vanished. I don't mean swim away, I mean they were just not there anymore.
I had always heard that squid had intellegence, but had never experienced it first hand and this encounter fueled my desire to learn more.

I hope this hello post isn't too long :smile: and as you can see, I can get wordy when I get started.

Have a great time folks, and I will see you again.

Welcome, Arthur. Archaeologists are always most welcome around here! Sounds like you had an enounter the rest of us could only dream for!

:welcome: Enjoy the site!
Hi Arthur,

I was just wondering, what exactly is that in your avatar? An old artifact or a fossil perhaps? It looks very intriguing!


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