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Nov 1, 2006
So my octopus, Othello, lives at school. Well, i hadnt been to school for two weeks because i was recovering from appendicitus and surgery, so i was scared to death that i would come back to a dead/escaped octopus. the only people caring for it were my teacher, who just threw in some snails, and my mom, who did her best to maintain water levels.

Well, i came back today and was so scared to go check on him. I walked over to the tank expecting to have to pick up and go through alllll the rocks, but he made it a bit easier for me! I looked down and there he was! Othello had found a nice cave i had made him and dragged the two biggest snail shells (he had a good meal beforehand apparently) into his new home. the cave was positioned so i could look in to see if he was there, and low and behold, he was! The little bugger had pulled up his shells and snuggled in to watch the show i like to call Science Fair Hell. His vantage point put him right infront of all the research kids while they were working, but so they couldnt see him unless they reaaaaaaaally looked.

God, i love my little bugger! He has the attitude of a 5yr old boy. Sadly, i couldnt compete in the fair (instead i sat at home moping and taking pain meds for my surgery booboos) and he was completely uninterested in every peice of my project, never touched any enrichment type thing i put in there. He prefers his rocks and his "precious" shells. He has gained a nickname though...Smeagol.....

oh, and he has 1-3 (cant remember at this hr) small points above his eyes, could this be a clue to his species? If so, what is he? at first i thought it was just something he was doing out of annoyance with me, but they are always there.

you dang people got me hooked on octopi right before i head off to college! def gonna set up a tank in whatever apt i share with my friend (has to be petfriendly anyways, we have to take a lizard, snake, and turtle with us)
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