he is hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 20, 2005
wow he is so small yet so cute sooooooo cute he changes color almoist instantly!!!! this is so awsome!! I am playing some soothing music The lion king and some other soothing music. :smile: he is so calm the octopus was shipped great in a stirphome box and with a little packet of cool water so the heat of summer doesent get to him. no ink either all is going well I am going to look at him some more yay.
wow I just looked at the paper the octo camewith and it sayes it is a joubini octopus wich ever it is its still an octopus and i am happy. the octopus looks like a briarius octopus I try to explain has behaver and color to see if it sounds like one or the other
wew hoo

cthulhu77 said:
*sigh* Banging head against a wall, here...


The thing that I did find out is that I wasn’t looking at my ammonia Wright my ammonia was at 0 the whole time I just wasn’t looking at it Wright :smile:

by the way I think I have annoyed my octopus enough by trying to play with him twice he actually is pretty social a couple minutes after he was set free in the tank he crawled on the glass for a wile then sat Wright in front of all the decorations and stared at the room about 2 hours later I put my hand in because i thought my octopus was stuck but then I tried to encourage him to wrap his tentacle around my finder and he did about 1 hour later i tried the same but lifted up the rock he was under and tried to play with him he flashed colors :rainbow: at me for the few minutes I tried to encourage him but he seemed pissed of that I woke him up and he just sat there until I put the rock down I feel a little bad about waking him up :oops: and I already am seeing a personality in him he is adventures and isn’t afraid to so his feelings I love this little fellow. He is so social coming from a wild octopus
I know how exciting it is to have a new octopus, but for his sake I would stop disturbing his environment and give him a chance to rest and recoup from his journey! Less chance of stressing him more!!!
If you love your little octopus, then back off and give him some peace and quiet for a few days.

Feed him, but not by sticking your hand in. What are you feeding him? You also need to remove left over food and monitor the water quality.

And never, never disturb him in his den by lifting up rocks - that's his home, even if he just moved in!


I'm sorry to hear that you could not resist getting an octo for at least a little while! You should have gotten some experience in keeping a reef for a few months before buying an octopus...

Anyways, all I can do is wish him/her good luck, PLEASE try not to disturb him/her so much.
True I am not bothering him it is almost like a continuing game of hid in seek he will go and hide and if I find him he will do a little 5 minutes dance hovering across the tank looking every ware then go and hid (when he gets angry he will flash colors at me and try to avoid me my room is no longer my room its his. lol I am feeding him clams but I am very disappointed at octopets because almost all the clams were dead 20 bucks wasted I wonder what it would have been like if I bought an octopus from him I am very happy with divertom.com because the shipments are carefully packed and it even came with a little shell but octopets gave me a stirophome box no water dead clams and 2 cool packs of water witch was wrapped in paper which sucked up the little water the clams were in the bag smelled so discousting I sorted the clams from dead and alive and there was only about 10. so I am now looking around for more food to feed him does any one have a good site to go to? Ah yes my octopus is doing terrific he is healthy. the only thing is that it looks like he/she has trouble getting up the glass probably because he is from the wild his legs have a curl to them sometimes he is nocturnal because when the lights turn of he looks around for a sleeping place and goes to bed I can tell because he turns a white and just sites there. the octopus which I haven’t named yet is still looking for a den it seems like each day he tests out a rock or decoration he sure does look like a brarius because of his coloration and his long tentacles I was gone for a couple of hours and I was worried about him because I didn’t get to see him before I left. He such my little baby. Wright now he is sprawled out under a peace of live rock sleeping he/she seems more active Wright at dawn of Wright at dusk he will swim around happily. Such a beautiful creature. I noticed that I cant block of my power head because the material keeps on being blown out so I decided that with my protein skimmer and out take pump to my canister filter which also spits the material out should do the job. Does anyone have any ideas of how to block of my out take pump I now that the flow would probably blow him away to especially because it is a long pipe and it would get clogged and blow him out. Is there any way I can challenge my octopus’s mind?

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