he is hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still recovering from my headache yesterday, only to read this again...must go bang head into wall some more.


You need to make sure you stay on top of the food situation for your little octopus, now that most of the clams a What other food do you have (I'm sure Octopets will give you a refund, so send them an email.) Pick up a few good quality frozen shrimp and try offering pieces of thawed frozen shrimp.

Here is the place that sells fiddler crabs -I've ordered a lot from them in the past:

Don't you have some fiddler crabs already?

Anyway, that's a start for food

Interways, be sure to read other threads...I put a hole in my drywall ! Oooohhhh, me achin' skull...

Yes I am veary suprised octopets said they would send a refund I am not sure ware to go because aquaculturestore sells 1 inch shrimp, 1/4 inch shrimp, and 1 inch fiddler crabs I had Know luck with fiddlers they died last time. or i can try divertom.com and get crabs and hermit crabs from my octopus's natrul invirment. my octopus only eats the larger clams.
You couldn't keep fiddlers alive???????????? Hey, guys..... cthulhu77, interways, where is this party? Looks like I need to join. So many people, so few functioning neurons.
Clownfish, you need to plan ahead for food - your octo may eat a lot and you need to have plenty of food on hand. With the holiday coming up, it would be late next week before a shipment could arrive, unless you overnight it and even then it might be Tuesday or Wednesday.

Be sure you buy the frozen shrimp soon - you don't know whether your octo will take frozen food yet, do you? You could order from Toms or get the fiddler crabs from the site I just gave you. If you search on fiddler crabs on Tonmo, you'll find the specific instructions I gave you for keeping fiddler crabs.

Your lfs should be able to provide some snails and hermit crabs. Also, some people have used frozen krill as a food -available at the lfs.

my octopus is so cool!! today He napped all day because he was up all night dancing around the aqiarium My aqarium lights are oposite from the day. but my octopus is always more active durring the dawn dusk. he went up to the top so I decide that I should dab my figer in the water just a bit veary gentaly and slowly and he looked at me for a few seconed as a carfully waved my finger slowly over the water then he lached on me and felt my finger brairuis arnt venomous to humans wright I just now he is going to bite me when be tryes to put his mouth on my finger so I gently try to get him of by slowly lifting my finger up once I figured this wouldnt work I gigled my finder gentaly and he let go stared at me for a few seconeds and swam off he is so cool he cant seem to catch thoughs gost shrim but he still hunts a bit mabe I can hold one on top of the water to see if he can catch one feeding 2 clams and 2 shrimp a day should keep him ocupied wright?
I have absolutely no response to this...I am truly amazed.

Clownfish...I don't understand how you can ask so many questions, and ignore so much advice...

stumped in arizona...
This is the first time i have seen this thread as i have been offline a lot recently... I had to try very hard to figure out what was going on??? :confused:

Clownfish, please try the best for the creatures you are looking after.

Keep your hands out the tank.
Get the right food for the octopus.
Do regular tests and water changes.
Do not do anything to stress or annoy your octopus.
Please follow the helpfull advice given here by the TONMO.com community

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