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have any of you gotten an octopus from octpets the past 4 weeks,


Aug 21, 2004
i have had an order with them for over a month and im starting to get very eery , about them having my credit card number t his long and not recieving anything
We have information on Octopets - look down on this forum to June 10. Also search on Octopets - I wrote a long update myself.

Due to the loss (not death, they all crawled into the sea!) of a whole generation of baby bimacs, Octopets is out of baby bimacs for the time being. They won't ship until the new group grows up a bit. I'm sure you're still on the list of buyers.

ok , i was begining to worry , i may not ever get anoter one lol

i paid $25 for 500 nickel size nassarius snails to feed the two i ordered whenever it will be that they arrive.

its just when i talk to tyler he kept telling me that he would ship it out that week, hes told me that twice, maybe thats what he tells people to keep some of "those"peoplf for cussing him out or something , kinda like whne a certain movie isnt at the rental store and some people get bent out of shape about it

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