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Has anyone had problems with Fishsupply.com?


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
I ordered my octo from fishsupply.com about a week ago. I called Monday to see when to expect my new addition only to find they were out of stock. I was told a new shipment would be in today, but when I called they said it would now be next Tuesday. :cry: I Told them I would wait till Tuesday but would cancel my order if it will be any longer. Has anyone else had any problems with them? I should have went with octopets but I wanted to buy some other SW fish with the order. Oh well, I will wait and see what next Tuesday brings! :bonk:

Donnie Darko
Well, in all fairness, they are at the mercy of their suppliers also...sometimes it can take weeks or months to fill an order...so I wouldn't bet that they will have an octo by tuesday...this is a rather hard time of year on fish suppliers.
If you want a captive bred bimac, you can go to octopets...but if not, you just have to wait it out...I know, no fun.
I have been in the pet industry for over 10 yrs so I know about being at the mercy of suppliers but they should have noted on the site that the captive bred octos were out of stock. Waiting is no fun!! :sink:

Donnie Darko
Well, i called fishsupply about three weeks ago to see if they had any baby bimacs in stock. I talked to Jack and he said he had one in stock. So i went their the next day and to my disappointment it turned out to be a Vulgaris. I was very upset because i had specifically said bimac and the guy that helped me totally tried to convince me it was a bimac and tried to rush the sale(started bagging it up while i was saying no). I would personally go with Octopets, Jim is a great guy and you can guarantee its a bimac. Just my 2 cents.
Most people have had good experiences with Fish Supply. They are so close to Octopets I believe the little octopuses are transported by car.

People getting their baby bimacs REALLY CARE when they are shipped and when they will arrive. It's less the case with fish.

I ordered Ollie from Fish Supply a year and a half ago. They had a little bimac saved for me, but someone sold it over the weekend. (Well, that was not the real Ollie, obviously.) Within a couple of days Ollie came into the store and and was sent out to me. Jack, whom most of us deal with, was very nice about the whole thing.

"have been in the pet industry for over 10 yrs "
Cool. triple that, and you would be near my arena. The plain facts are: sometimes they can't deliver what you want when you want...I am sure that they would love to sell you an octo, but if they don't have them, they don't have them. I don't believe it is in anyone's interest to slight a company that many of us have used, and been happy with, over something so plain.
Just my 2c, also.
To be honest, I've heard mostly good things abut Fishsupply.com, and-in all REAL honesty- before I found tonmo (and thought that I could take care of an octo with what I had at the time), That's where I was going to get mine. The only times I've heard of them screwin up before now was on TCP. J.B. Wood got an O.wunderpuss accidently once, and "one of TCP's friends" got an O.macropus. Just my .02 as well.

P.S. We got a lotta cents here dont we? :lol: :biggrin2:
I was not trying to talk badly about fishsupply. I had not ordered from them before and was interested in the feedback from the forum. Is this not what this site is all about! I did get my octo in last Wed. Other than being very small, I am happy with it. :P

Donnie Darko
Yes, a lot of people have had good experiences with Fish Supply.

Your bimac is small because all the captive bred ones are being sold at an earler age (2 months) than the wild caught ones we used to get ( est. 3-4 months).

"I was not trying to talk badly about fishsupply."
Ok, then why did you? If everyone keeps on harping on the negative aspects of the animal trade, the dealers are going to give up carrying octos at all...
Patience is a virtue.
If you would read my orig. post you will see that I did not blame fishsupply for global warming or the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. I placed an order with an online retailer. I was charged for that order. My order was delayed twice. I wanted to know if other SW hobbiest had any prob. with them. I used this forum for exactly what it is here for, and will continue in the same way!! :roll:

Donnie Darko
Yep, did read it. And answered it. And answered your reply...all without blaming you for any global catastrophes too!
:roll: greg
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