Happy Darwin Day!

How would you cater a Darwin celebration? Would you try to eat more evolved plants and animals? No shark, alligator or palm hearts tonight? What is the most evolved edible plant? I don't want to cook an octopus, but I could cook a squid. Is GM more evolved or less, or disqualified due to human interference? Whatever the meal, we won't lack for (unevolved? ridiculous?) conversation.

Does selective breeding over thousands of years/generations count as GM? How about we start off with the "least evolved" animals, in the spirit of "survival of the fittest" and all that? (Archaea: :yuck:) Maybe we could go for endangered species and turn our feast into a great big extinction event, thus clearing out a few niches for some new critters to adapt into. It'd be sort of an experiment. A tasty experiment...

(Didn't WK propose something like that once?)
I should have mentioned this site at the beginning of the thread: EvoWiki. This is a great place to get ammunition to lob at creationists or to answer a number of questions that you might have about the state of knowledge on the subject of evolution. Visit it soon, before the Bush administration makes descent with modification unconstitutional (They might not. That was just a theory.)
In celebration, I had a lovely argument with our waiter last night up in Sedona about creation...ended up ordering a Holothurian steak (which left him speechless). We did tip well, though, and the other diners were somewhat amused...

p.s. you have to remember, I do not believe in creationism OR evolution...devil's advocate, I.
Kuhn, was it? Here's a litte metaphilosophy:

Philosophers are all--to various degrees depending on my mood or state of intoxication--full of ****.
LOL...yeah, I have a really good friend, George, who waxes philosophical after a few drinks and starts waving a cigar about while spouting nonsense about the "meaning of it all "...sure does get all the right-minded thinkers riled up, though, so it is worth it !
I guess I am just more of a "cut to the chase" sort of person...but it is entertaining to listen to other's ideas...


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